The MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble under the artistic direction of Iris Lichtinger originally came into being as a partner project of MEHR MUSIK! and the Leopold Mozart Center of the University of Augsburg.  Since 2009 we have been conceiving and presenting - now as an independent ensemble of MEHR MUSIK! , the music education project of the city of Augsburg (director: Ute Legner), which emerged from the federal funding project Network New Music -  concert events of modern music with ambitious young musicians and professionals from the new music, jazz and classical music scene.
We have realized numerous world premieres of renowned composers such as Gordon Kampe, Enjott Schneider or Johannes X. Schachtner, for example at the German Mozartfest 2019. Further highlights are the multimedia performances of Steve Reich`s cult work "Music for 18 musicians", e.g. at the Klassik open air of the German Mozartfest Augsburg in 2021, several interdisciplinary projects in connection with film and the collective "shortfilmlivemusic" (Cologne / Freiburg / Berlin) e.g. at the Brechtfestival Augsburg and interdisciplinary concert events in connection with literature, such as the project "Ruiniert Euch!" in cooperation with the study course Ethics of Text Cultures of Prof. Dr. Stephanie Waldow (University of Augsburg), the Sensemble Theater, the visual art designer Stefanie Sixt as well as the Peace Festival Augsburg as partners. The Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum (tim) Bayern (Director Dr. Karl B. Murr) should also be mentioned as a permanent cooperation partner of the ensemble, with whom productions such as "UTOPIA - Music of the Renaissance and Modern Times in the Context of Thomas Morus` Classics of Political Philisophy", "Migration Machine" or as the most recent project "Sound- Art- Cage" with the Viennese artist Sabine Groschup were created.

Press comment: "In a fragile and at the same time tense atmosphere, the ensemble surprised its audience with much that was unexpected and previously unheard, and deservedly received a long standing ovation." (Augsburger Allgemeine 9 / 2010)

From our repertoire:

Steve Reich "Music for 18 musicians" / Louis Andriessen "Workers union" / Frederic Rzewski "Coming together & Attica", "Spots", "A life", "To the earth" / Arvo Pärt "Fratres", "Mozart-Adagio" / Vinko Globokar " dos á dos" , "la ronde", "Corporel" / Terry Riley "IN C" / Enjott Schneider "Mozart-Fragmente" (UA) / Johannes X. Schachtner " Dead letter I" (UA) / Gordon Kampe "Kröten" (UA) / Rabea Joachim "Wenn ich fand, dass die Lehrlinge zu schlecht unterwiesen waren " (UA) / Friedrich Stockmeyer "Ficusarien" (UA) / Daniel Seel "Casanova" / Volker Nickel "Stummfilmmusiken" (UA) / Samir-Odeh Tamimi "Ahinnu" , "Li-sabbra" t.b.c.

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MORE MUSIC! ENSEMBLE live Lysander Francescatti, boy's voice | Alvar Ceamanos, violin | Lennart Pieper, cello | Lisa Riepl, clarinet & bass clarinet | Dennis Egger & Stanimir Andreev, percussion | Carolin Nordmeyer, conductor ; UA MOZART-FRAGMENTE  by Enjott Schneider

MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble & shortfilmlivemusic @ Brechtfestival Augsburg

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble & shortfilmlivemusic : Film Concert Heavy Machines



10 years MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble - A Birthday Concert

In the year of Leopold Mozart's birth, the MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble, Augsburg's ensemble for music of the 20th and 21st centuries, has something to celebrate...


Rzewski ǀ Riley ǀ Andriessen

"Busy avant-garde pianist, composer with a penchant for improvisation, convinced leftist: Frederic Rzewski is an extraordinary phenomenon in 20th century American music." ...

COMING TOGETHER II – The Eighties‘ Club

Glass ǀ Reich ǀ Rzewski ǀ Pärt

After Steve Reich last year, this year Philipp Glass joins the "Club of the Eighties". MEHR MUSIK! celebrates this in a concert with ambitious young musicians and professionals from the jazz scene alike...

COMING TOGETHER I - art from prison

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble, musical director: Iris Lichtinger

Frederic Rzewski - "Coming together" and "Attica" , two works for variable ensemble and speaker, written in response to the revolt against the prison conditions of about 2200 inmates of the "Attica Correctional Facility" in New York State in 1971. Both works use texts written by an inmate...


Texts by Thomas More | Music by Vinko Globokar, Giovanni Sollima , John Cage, Francesco La Licata and Music at the Court of Henry VIII

In 1516, the English statesman and humanist Thomas More first drew the picture of an ideal community in "Utopia - Of the Best State of the State and the New Island of Utopia" and thus created a clear counter-draft to the actual conditions in England of his time...


E N D U R I N G E N I G M A Improvising on Bach

Charming encounter of classical music and improvisation: works by Johann Sebastian Bach are reflected in musical improvisations by the renowned jazz musician Wolfgang Lackerschmid in a trio with his partners Robert Vogg and Josef Holzhauser.


shortfilmlivemusic & MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble

October 31, 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the recruitment agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and Turkey. On this occasion MEHR MUSIK! presents the concert M I G R A T I O N S M A S C H I N E, a tribute to and a swan song for the textile industry in the city of Augsburg...



"There are only a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have changed the direction of music history-Steve Reich is one of them." - The Guardian


Music of the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. A station concert with music and words.

"I will tear out your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh," says the Book of Ezekiel, ch. 36, a scripture of the Jewish and Christian Old Testaments, written in Babylonia between 600 and 560 BC...


Music: Arturo Fuentes | Gheorghi Arnaoudov | Louis Andriessen | Péter Köszeghy (UA)| from the Llibre Vermell (14th century)

“The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day, runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.” Rabindranath Tagore ...


Panel discussion with book presentation

The series "Augsburg Talks on Literature and Commitment", established since 2018 as part of the cultural program for the Augsburg High Peace Festival...


Panel Discussion and Music: "In C" - A Composition by Terry Riley

Discussion: artistic freedom is a topic that is always hotly debated...



Steve Reich's MUSIC FOR 18 MUSICIANS is an experience. Bright gamelan-like timbres, voices without words, the rhythm of human breath in the wooden instruments...



In the context of the exhibition "Sabine Groschup - DER DOPPELTE (T)RAUM" the Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg (tim) and MEHR MUSIK! invite to a concert with works by John Cage...