M I G R A T I O N S M A S C H I N E | Film Concert

shortfilmlivemusic & MORE MUSIC! Ensemble 

October 31, 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the recruitment agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and Turkey. On this occasion MEHR MUSIK! presents the concert M I G R A T I O N S M A S C H I N E, a tribute to and a swan song for the textile industry in the city of Augsburg, which employed Turkish immigrants to a large extent in the last decades of its existence.

In front of the impressive industrial backdrop of the Staalichen Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg - called TIM for short - shortfilmlivemusic and the MEHR MUSIK! Ensemble perform a film concert with new, "U- and E-drawer-free music" (nmz) and film clips from 80 years of industrial history in Augsburg.

The film collage, set to live music, includes material from the TIM's film archive: educational films, instructional videos, documentaries and contemporary testimonies, compiled and processed into an approximately 60-minute film artwork by media artist Benjamin Schindler.

shortfilmlivemusic Demian Kappenstein (drums, toys, percussion), Matthias Kurth (guitars, oud), Benjamin Schindler (visual conception/direction), Lutz Streun (saxophone), Dániel Vedres (horn, voice, electronics), Franziska Richter (conception, communication) and Jan F. Kurth (voice, recorders).

MORE MUSIC! Ensemble Juri Kannheiser (cello), Stefanie Pritzlaff & Maria Wegner & Sophia Rieth (recorders), Friedrich Stockmeier (trumpet), Florian Höck (saxophone), Agnes Liberta (bass clarinet), Iris Lichtinger (voice and direction)